RMC has joined FFIA (Formosa Fashion Industry Alliance) and become cooperated organization of Tainan University of Technology (TUT).

With proactive impetus from Tainan City Government Economic Development, FFIA (Formosa Fashion Industry Alliance) was formally established on 5th of September in 2013.

In order to promote and develop Tainan’s fashion industry, and nurture creative talents for the traditional industry, RMC uphold the beliefs of delicate embroidery, gracefulness and elegance, and modernized technique to collaborate with industry, government and education and join FIFA to become partner of Tainan University of Technology (TUT). Furthermore, in August, 2015, RMC coordinated with Industry-Academy Cooperation and become cooperated organization of Departments of Business Management and Culture and Creative Design of TUT. RMC not only help students through the practical operations to provoke the interests of learning and increase the ability of professional skills, but also acquire some information of fashion industry and various Exhibitions from Government departments, such as Taiwan Textile Federation, Taiwan External Trade Development Council and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The collaboration with industries can help RMC to stabilize the development of human resources and nurture professions, and make sure RMC always stay at the front of fashion trend.