RMC's products are renowned for their exquisite and excellent quality, widely utilized by customers in industries such as clothing, gifts, stationery, and related gift items.


Embroidered patches showcase uniqueness through various stitching techniques and materials. In addition, we also provide lace, woven labels, rubber patches, and other popular accessories, as well as lifestyle products, stationery, and gift items, meeting a diverse range of customer needs.


With 45 new computerized and highly efficient multi-headed embroidery machines and several subcontract partners, our capacity has reached 3.6 million pieces per month while maintaining high quality standards.


Providing customers faster and better delivery service. We can ship goods directly to the customer’s designated location.


RMC’s unending development in new products and new technology has provided customers with a variety of choices. From time to time we provide our customers with information on products, technology, and market trends to update them with the latest news.


RMC collaborates with designers from around the world and leads in the development of over 200,000 designs. We engage in manufacturing with exquisite craftsmanship and advanced techniques.


With the state-of-the-art embroidery machines that are able to produce mass quantity while maintaining quality, we at RMC promise to provide excellent products/service that makes our customers’ products gain added value and competitiveness at reasonable prices.


For many years, we have never strayed from our mission to provide our customers the best service we can offer, and for that we have earn the honor of serving many leading brands in this industry.


Our rapid expansion has led us to a large global reach allowing us to serve many EU countries, the USA, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and many other Asian countries.


RMC considers companies that provide environmental friendly, fire-retardant, and Acid free materials as priority choices for its suppliers. All materials used in production are counted regularly in order to maintain sufficient stock for rapid turn around. From time to time market surveys are conducted to analyze the current trends in textiles and we provide these exceptional materials to our customers.

* THREAD-- We have imported rayon and polyester thread in over 500 different colors.
* FABRIC-- Nylon, twill, felt, suede, satin, cotton, fur, jute, and many different printed fabrics are available.

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