Can Royal Maye Chie develop custom’s logos or designs?
What products does Royal Maye Chie manufacture or sell?
Where does Royal Maye Chie operate?
Can Royal Maye Chie offer the whole range of collection?
Does Royal Maye Chie accepts alterations of its own designs?
What is Royal Maye Chie’s custom sampling lead-time?
Does Royal Maye Chie charge for custom samples?
How will Royal Maye Chie handle exclusivity of customer’s logos or does Royal Maye Chie protect clients’ own articles?
What is Royal Maye Chie’s price term?
Can Royal Maye Chie do customized packing or packaging?
What is Royal Maye Chie’s production lead-time?
Can Royal Maye Chie send the goods directly to my customer or factory?
What is Royal Maye Chie’s payment term?
What is Royal Maye Chie’s minimum order quantity requirement?
How may we get started with Royal Maye Chie?