Embroidery Patch Manufacturers and Suppliers in Taiwan


Embroidery, also known as “silk weaving” is one of the oldest and most elegant of the textile arts in the world. Starting with embroidery manufacturing as its core business and rooting on the embroidery culture, Royal Maye Chie group (RMC) has been seeking innovative methods to diversify embroidery technologically and artistically. Employing state-of-the-art technology, we hope to develop new cultural and commercial values for embroidery.


In 1989, Royal Maye Chie Enterprises Inc. was formed in Tainan, Southern Taiwan, focusing on mechanized embroidery manufacturing. For the past years, RMC has made unceasing effort in introducing and developing new technology in production. In order to fulfill the growing needs of American, European, Asian and Australian markets for high value garment embellishments, RMC has become one of the trendsetters of the embroidery industry.


“ SINCERITY in all aspects” is Royal Maye Chie’s guiding principle. Because of our sincerity in doing business we consistently deliver quality, integrity and creativity in all we produce. From these traits our company steadily grows in success. Starting as a small firm and quickly evolving into a multi-faceted corporation with vast aptitude in different areas of “INNOVATION”. As we move forward in our evolution and advancement, we make it a strong point to continue to think more imaginative ideas and concepts that are truly in “VOGUE”. Our fashionable product consistently meets and exceeds the needs of our customers. Our evolution is continuous as we relentlessly seek better ways to give our customers that something special, which makes their life “WONDERFUL” .